New Chapter House

Update on Renovations

National Housing has submitted the renovations to the university, and a construction company has been selected after a complex bid process. The undergraduate chapter was expecting the renovations to be compleded in time for the upcoming fall semester. Unfortunaltely, this is not the case. The company that won the bid has infromed us that the renovations will be completed by October 2017. Even if construction is delayed again, the constuction company and SENH are confident that the renovations will be completed by the 2018 spring semester in the worst-case scenario. 

Project Overview

The AL Beta Chapter would like to share some exciting next steps for the chapter facility in Tuscaloosa. Over the last several months, SigEp National Housing (SENH), the Alabama Beta Alumni and Volunteer Corporation (AVC), and the undergraduate chapter have worked closely with one another to establish a plan that will position our chapter for continued success as they move into a new facility.

The original plan for the chapter house was to move the chapter into the former Kappa Alpha house at 416 University Boulevard prior to the start of the Fall 2016 semester. However, in October 2015, another option was presented to the AVC and SENH from Greek Resource Services (GRS). GRS is currently our property manager, but the company also specializes in helping Greek organizations plan and manage multi-million dollar renovations to their facilities. GRS proposed an alternative plan that would allow SigEp to partner with the University to complete a several million dollar renovation to the property at 416 University Boulevard. The project would be fully funded by the University of Alabama.

After considering these options, we decided to explore a complete renovation of the new property to truly make it a premier chapter facility for years to come. Along with other possible changes, the renovations to the property at 416 University Blvd. will include:

  • Updating the front of the property to include new doors, landscaping and a sidewalk that will enhance the overall appearance of the property to resemble a more modern SigEp house
  • Adding several bedrooms to the property to increase occupancy for our chapter
  • Remodeling the chapter room to ensure our brothers have a dedicated meeting space
  • Adding or renovating study rooms and conference rooms  to supplement the residential learning environment
  • Updating electrical, plumbing and other amenities that have not be addressed since the property was built in the 1970s

This massive renovation will be a detailed and time consuming process. We are working closely with the University and GRS to navigate through this undertaking. Construction is scheduled to begin in September 2016 and will last until July 2017. As a result, the chapter will now plan to move in to the house at 416 University Boulevard prior to the start of the Fall 2017 semester.

Although the renovations will push back plans for the chapter moving into the new house, we believe that the opportunity to have the University of Alabama finance a project of this magnitude far outweighed this one year delay. This renovation will set our chapter up for decades of success in a newly renovated facility that will allow the brothers to excel as a group.

If you are interested in donating to the chapter for the purpose of purchasing new furniture, please click Donation here or at the top of the page. Stay tuned for renderings of the new facility in the coming months!